October 2023 Edition
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It's October - and we are on the watch out for all things Spooky!

I love the autumn here in The Bell, it thoroughly embraces the spirit of October. From ghost stories told around the crackling log fire to steaming bowls of seasonal food, autumn is the perfect opportunity to feed the stomach and soul. We'll be launching our Winter Menu over the next few days so make sure you look out for that.

And we have an absolutely packed month here this month.

So let's get on and talk about what's going on in your Bell in Chearsley this month.


Bingo's Back!

Yes, we are so happy to have our Bingo back here at The Bell on the first Tuesday of the month. And that means it will be 'eyes down' on


We have a fabulous night so come and join us for an 8pm start. Don't forget, players eat for £8.50
Bingo's Back


7th-8th October

Just the thing for a crisp autumn morning

from 10-12

Live Music @ The Bell

The lovely Steph Willis is back by popular demand on Saturday 14th October night here in the Bell,

Commanding a truly special vocal talent Steph is a fantastic live performer of the highest calibre.

If you missed her last visit - make sure you don't miss out this time.

And why not eat as well? Book Here
Steph Willis


We've got two

Halloween Parties

I know, you wait for ages and then two come together!

Our party for grown-ups (yeah right!) is

on SATURDAY 28th


This year we are bringing back our great children's Halloween Party and yes, it is actually on Halloween.

The Party runs between 4pm and 5-30 and we will be having food, and music to make sure you are all in the mood to go out Trick or Treating afterwards.

Please note: You need to book for this one. Please ask for details at the bar.

Village Event

Those lovely people in the Historic Chearsley Society have put together a

Treasure Hunt

It starts and finishes here in The Bell, and anyone can take part.

You have to pre-enter, and you can do this by emailing CVHS@chearsley.com

It starts at 1pm and finishes at about 2:30.

So go on, you just don't know what you will find out whilst on your search.


Sunday 22nd

Yes, Quiz Night is back here at The Bell.

Join us for another mind-stretching evening (not really!) and show us just how good your team is.
Quiz Night

Your Weekly List

Here's what's happening in The Bell
First Tuesday
Join us on the first Tuesday of the month for our classic Bingo Game. (Players eat for £8.50)
Meaty Pizza
Pop in for one of our mid-week specials, served with a pint for only £15.50

How about a burger tonight? Oh and a pint with that too?
only £15.50

Another fantastic bargain in our mid-week specials at only £15.50, including a pint.

Drink coffee, eat cake and chat with friends. What could be better?
Every Friday 10-noon.
We are moving back to Saturday nights with our great Steak Night.
Between 6 and 9 pm


It's the classic!

Sunday just isn't complete without a classic roast. And we just love cooking them?

Why not invite your parents over and turn it into a delightful family feast?

And when you're ready to leave, don't worry about the washing up - our lovely team doesn't mind doing it at all, honestly.
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