It’s Morris Night – Pick up your clogs

Owlswick Morris

Join us for a great English tradition.

OK, I know Morris Dancing started somewhere in the Middle East, but we’ve claimed it now.
So tonight we have a visit from the Owlswick Morris side who will be performing their dances outside the pub.
Owlswick Morris perform all over Europe including France, Belgium, Austria, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany & Hungary.
If you have never seen them, come on down and see the energy and passion that they put into their dance.
If you have seen them, then you know what a great night it will be and I’m sure you will want to join in.
In fact Owlswick Morris are always looking to recruit and this link will give you five good reasons whilst you should want to join.

So, I look forward to seeing you tonight from 8pm, don’t forget your clogs

By the way, don’t forget this weekend is a Bank Holiday Weekend with good weather on the horizon. Why not pop up and grab a glass or two. We are open Sunday hours on the Monday noon – 8:00 pm

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