Our plans for the day of the late Queen’s funeral

Dear friends

Well, this has been a strange week. A very sad week with the loss of our dear Queen.

As you know, her funeral takes place on Monday and King Charles has designated the day to be a bank holiday.

Now, normally I don’t open on Mondays, but I have been asked if I would consider opening in order that people could get together and reminisce about her life and times.

It was suggested that I open all day and allow people to watch the funeral together, but I’m afraid that won’t be possible.

Like many of you, my staff and I have families and we feel that we’d like to spend the time with them during this special moment. I feel it is very important to us all and so I won’t be opening until after the funeral has finished.

I will, however, be opening The Bell for a short period in the afternoon to allow everyone the opportunity to get together.

Please come down to the Bell to join with your friends between 3pm and 6pm to remember Her Majesty and look forward to the reign of our new King Charles III.


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